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Modbus RS485 - good data back but the code is not picking it up

brandon wiewel
en 2/5/19 0:26 515 vistas

I have sniffed the data to and from the M21+ and i have valid data going out and coming back but the M21+ is not recognizing it.  I have attached what is basically the example code. Can anyone see anything wrong with the Rx portion?

I am on Z and Y and have half duplex switch set to on.  again validated i have a good modbus string leaving and coming to the M21+. 

sniffed data

SENT - 01 03 00 05 00 03 15 CA

Returned - 01 03 06 00 00 00 44 00 00 61 60

At this point this if statment is not firing:   " if (modbus.isWaitingResponse())  "


#include <ModbusRTUMaster.h>

// Define the ModbusRTUMaster object, using the RS-485 or RS-232 port (depending on availability)

#include <RS485.h>

ModbusRTUMaster modbus(RS485);

uint32_t lastSentTime = 0UL;

const uint32_t baudrate = 9600;

bool Dig1State = 0;


void setup() {


  Serial.println("Modbus starting...");


  // Start the serial port

  RS485.begin(baudrate, HALFDUPLEX, SERIAL_8N1);

  // Start the modbus master object.

  // It is possible to define the port rate (default: 38400)


  pinMode(Q0_1, OUTPUT);



  Serial.println("Loop start...");



void loop() {

  // Send a request every 1000ms

  if (millis() - lastSentTime > 2000) {


    Dig1State = !Dig1State;

    digitalWrite(Q0_1, Dig1State);


    Serial.println("Modbus poll...");

    // Send a Read Coils request to the slave with address 1

    // It requests for 23 coils starting at address 10

    // IMPORTANT: all read and write functions start a Modbus transmission, but they are not

    // blocking, so you can continue the program while the Modbus functions work. To check for

    // available responses, call master.available() function often.

    modbus.readHoldingRegisters( 1 , 5, 3);

    lastSentTime = millis();


  // Check available responses often

  if (modbus.isWaitingResponse()) {

    ModbusResponse response = modbus.available();

    if (response) {

      Serial.println("Modbus responce...");

      if (response.hasError()) {

        // Response failure treatment. You can use response.getErrorCode()

        Serial.print("Modbus Comm Error");


      else {

        // Get the coil value from the response

        for (int i = 0; i < 3; ++i) {


          Serial.print("- ");






} //loop

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Dani Salvans Quesada

--Dani Salvans Quesada--

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Sant Fruitós de Bages, España
--Dani Salvans Quesada--
Dani Salvans Quesada
En 25/8/20 20:28

Hello friend, 

Maybe the !modbus.isWaitingResponse() is not used in the right situation, you can check it and compare it with this example: Or you can adapt this example and try it directly.

Thank you, 


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